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I am an Soviet and Russian camera collector residing in State of Illinois, USA. I have only somewhat recently started collecting (since May 2007) these fine examples of Soviet and Russian mechanical engineering and design that until late 80s have been closed off to the rest of the world. Now that these cameras have come to light, I want to share them with all of you. Recently I have decided to start cataloging Soviet and Russian cameras online, thus the project was born, which is a Wiki catalog of Russian and Soviet cameras.
Vlad's Soviet/Russian Photographic Equipment Collection

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Zenit 212K

Vlad's Description
Body Serial #:
Lens Serial #:

Wiki Catalog Entry
Zenit-212K is the successor to the Zenit-122K with redesigned handgrip and more shutter speeds: 1/8s, 1/15s, 1/30s, 1/60s, 1/125s, 1/1250s, 1/500s plus B. Due to the extra slow speeds (1/8 & 1/15) the shutter speed knob sits higher. When turning the knob to slow speeds you can even clearly hear the extra clockwork sound!. Early 212K‘s came with Helios-44K 2/58 lens, but most of them come with the very sharp 2/50 mm Zenitar K2. The 212K has got a more ergonomic body. The selftimer is like the 122K, located inside the new ergonomic handgrip. The lightmeter is identical to the Zenit-122, but very slow on the added slow speeds due to inferior sensitivity. A simple 3 led meter, its hotshoe syncs to the usual 1/30.
Later version (serial 0200715) has no pc sync, position is blanked off. See photo with white 'Zenit' strap.

Produced: 1995 - 1998
Name: „Zenit-212k“
Producer: KMZ "Made in Russia".
Frame size: 24x36.
Lens: MC Zenitar-K2 2/50.
Shutter: 1/30s-1/500s + B.

Quantity: 32.149 units.
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