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Military camera AFA

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Printed on: Mar 28 2023


Topic author: AidasCams
Subject: Military camera AFA
Posted on: May 08 2009 2:12:08 PM


please, take a look at the camera below. Seems to be the soviet aero camera with strange enough frame 14x19 (and plate, instead of film ... ). Marlboro box in the picture will assist you to determine the approximate size of this monster. Fitted with Telemar-17 lens. Would be happy to know more about it, thanks in advance!

Best Regards,


Reply author: Vlad
Replied on: May 08 2009 7:33:57 PM

This seems to be something similar, but probably not this exact modification:

Check the 41 as well as it looks like this one.

Also, I really like this picture a lot:

Reply author: Vlad
Replied on: May 08 2009 7:43:48 PM

It was used on MIG-17 jet - experimental recon plane.

СР-2 - опытный разведчик. Отличался двигателем ВК-5Ф, фотокамерами АФА-БА-40Р и АФА-БА-21с, звукозаписывающим аппаратом МАГ-9. Вооружение состояло из 2 пушен НР-23. Изготовлен в мае 1952 года на заводе №155. Первый полёт 3 июля 1952 года (лётчик-испытатель А.Чернобуров).

Modification CP-2 - experimental recon. Plane modification has VK-5F engine and photocameras AFA-BA-40R and AFA-BA-21C. (the rest is irrelevant.)

Also used on a TU-91 bombers to monitor the results of bombings.
Для контроля результатов бомбометания в ХЧФ на АКАФУ монтировался аэрофотоаппарат типа АФА-БА/40Р.


Reply author: Vlad
Replied on: May 08 2009 7:59:42 PM

Here's an English Mig-17 page that has a little more specs on this camera:

- AFA-BA-40R camera in AKAFU rateable installation which provided two strip vertical or forward oblique filming or AFA-BA-21S camera for one strip vertical filming from low altitude (change of cameras is carried out in aerodrome conditions);


Reply author: Luiz Paracampo
Replied on: May 08 2009 9:24:16 PM

Now I believe it is time to collect MIGs...
This is the page of Telemar 17
Practically identical to the one shown
But your camera uses special roll film not plates. Observe the removable magazine, the Salyut Huge sister.
More: this camera was made in 1946 Mig 17 dates from 1953-54

Reply author: AidasCams
Replied on: May 09 2009 03:02:16 AM


thanks a lot! May be you know any person, who possess a spare MIG to complete my set?


why do you think it was made in 1946? The serial number with KMZ logotype seems to be coded somehow ... I'm absolutely sure that KMZ couldn't manufacture at least 500.000 AFA cameras in total, but who knows now?

Best Regards,

Reply author: sovietcam
Replied on: May 09 2009 05:40:57 AM

aidas, gratulation for this rare camera!!

for info:

film 19x2850cm
airplane height 0,2-11km
airplane speed 200-1000km/h
filter oc-14, kc-14, xc-18

this camera afa-ba-f/40r is a training camera. airplane is a tupolev tu-16.
this is the only one confirmed airplane, that i have found for this camera.


1946 is wrong for this camera, kmz logo is not correct for this year. and the telemar-17 is a newer version, my afa-27 have a simple version of this lens, similar with your wiki entry (telemar-17). this camera come before afa-ba/40. production date must be later 1954 (first tu-16).


mig-17 have another version of an afa-ba/40, 40r and not f/40r.

a tu-16 are great for collection, have 19 different version of cameras and cinecamera on board.


Reply author: AidasCams
Replied on: May 09 2009 3:28:01 PM

Many thanks, Mike!

Your deep knowledge in soviet aerophotography cameras is very riveting indeed! If you (or anyone of friends from our Forums) would like to obtain this camera at initial price from me (as you know I'm not a big fan of military cameras ), please, contact me directly ... The local pickup would be very appreciated due to camera's overall dimensions ...

Best Regards,

Reply author: Luiz Paracampo
Replied on: May 11 2009 07:55:12 AM

Hello Mike
If you want I can place in my site an area for your comments about Russian aerial cameras.I believe that I have a lot to learn with you.
I recently did so on 15 pages about Chinese cameras with the great cooperation of Kiev user ,our member Zhang of our forum. More are in preparation.
Regards LP

Reply author: europanorama
Replied on: May 11 2009 9:32:29 PM

film-speed/transportation along slit is airplane-synched like in dassaults mirage rs-swiss military photo-airplane. they are now using digital i was told.
swiss alps like never before
marspanoramas in 3d-stereo Forums :


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