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Lenses & Optics > Industar > Industar-37
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The Industar-37 has a focal length of 300mm and a maximum aperture of f/4.5. It stops down to f/64. This particular example was made by KOMZ in Kazan. It was the lens that was principally used with 18 x 24cm FK and FKD cameras as the lens does not have a focusing mount.

David Tomlinson.

Found a 71 copy, on a focus mount in 42mm, all the lense (top part and focusing barrel) are painted in a sand colour. No distance scale on the focusing barrel

photos coming

Stephan Van den Zegel

(Click to enlarge)

Created by RCCCUK on 5/30/2011 5:19:32 AM   |   Last Edited by stephanvdz on 1/12/2013 4:34:42 PM   Revision History  
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