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History, Documents & Ephemera > Publications and and Books > Non-Leitz LEICA Thread-Mount Lenses by Marc James Small
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Non-Leitz LEICA Thread-Mount Lenses by Marc James Small

By author himself:

"My book, NON-LEITZ LTM LENSES: A 39mm DIVERSITY, has finally gone out of print. I received yesterday the final shipment of the books Dr Wittig had. The book remains available for reprint but this seems unlikely. This work was written in the early 1990's and is no longer the final word, as we have had a lot of research, especially on Soviet/Post-Soviet lenses. But it is still the only work of its kind and is the single source for the state of our knowledge as of the date of its publication. (SOMEDAY, I'll do a Second Edition, but only if some of you guys stop discovering new matters I ought to include!)

These books are new stock. They will be autographed and will include an interim Errata et Corrigenda sheet.

The price is $US35 postpaid to the US and Canada and $US40.00 elsewhere.

I do not believe that this book is still available from any other source as it has been out of print for some years.

I also have a very few Japanese-language copies. These are available for $US 100 plus postage."

Contact Marc James Small via email
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Created by Vlad on 8/24/2007 11:15:13 PM   |   Last Edited by Vlad on 8/24/2007 11:18:14 PM   Revision History  
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