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History, Documents & Ephemera > Advertising Brochures > 1958 Brussels Fair leaflets
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1958 Brussels Fair leaflets

Two delightfull prospectuses! The first one picked from Zenit-Istra site The second from my collection. Both from the 1958 Brussels Exhibition. Now doing 50 years! Special attention to Jupiter YuK 80 2.5/80mm, and Telemar TK 115 5.6/115mm lenses for the 24x36mm format. These lenses were intended to be made for the first version of Leningrad camera. -The GOI Leningrad. But together an Helios 44 version, also intended fot the rangefinder “Kadr” Shown in pictures in the 1958 Brussels Fair. Also must be noted the 6x9 lenses made for Argon camera suposedly shown in pictures in that same exhibition – The MR-7 6.3/60mm (shown in Bronstein’s site – Leica Boom). The Argon-1 3.5/90mm adapted from an aerial camera “AFA-1” and the Teleobjektiv 4.5/200mm. The Mir 3 3.5/65mm the Industar 29 2.8/80mm, the Vega 2 2.8/85mm, the Industar 56 2.8/110mm, and the Tair 33 (recalculated Tair 30) 4.5/300mm intended for the Saliut first version. See also Mir 2 and Mir 6 for the Narciss. This in 1958! And Orkhidea 1, Merkury 1, and Helios 40 for the fabulous “Kometa” The Sputnik4 reproduced the famous Biogon of the era. The Mir4 really was a prototype of the Meyer Orestegon later introduced for Praktica cameras The Vega 1 fist used on the first version of Kristall 2 ! And the Jupiter 6 directly inherited from the 1936 Sonnar Olympiad! I included a Stankoimport leaflet of the MTO 1000. The first commercial lens of this type. Stankoimport was the first and sole USSR exporter of tools and optical devices.

More lenses include TAIR 3 for Zenits and JUPITER series for Kiev and FED/Zorki moounts

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Created by Luiz Paracampo on 4/24/2008 7:09:09 PM   |   Last Edited by Luiz Paracampo on 2/22/2015 2:28:12 PM   Revision History  
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