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Lenses & Optics > FED > FED 28mm f:4.5
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FED 28mm f:4.5

Released in mid-30's, the FED 28mm f/4,5 closely matched the outer forms of a Leitz Elmar 35mm f/3,5, but it's deluxe optical formula (a semi-symmetric six lenses: two lens & two glueings) was really advanced against the famous German competitors, Leitz Hektor and Zeiss Jena Tessar, a computation miles forward that underlines the original and strong mainstream of soviet optical projects even before the end of WWII and the acquisition of Jena blue prints What turns this lens a really admirable Soviet realization is the fact they have minimal total dimensions of the optical parts: the frontal disc of the lens has a diameter of approximately 7mm (analogous dimensions also have the other elements), while the thickness of the third, the most thin of the group, does not exceed the 6-7 tenths of millimeter: you can imagine the difficulties met in the grinding and the assembly of each of these elements, maintaining a reasonable precision. The photos illustrating this rare objective have been realized purposely by Dr. Milos Paul Mladek, beloved friend who kindly offered to divulgation and we give our thanks of heart for the contribution. Mario Cavina In the last photo we see a FED B in a complete vintage outfit with normal f2 50mm; f3,5 50mm macro; f 5.6 100mm; f6.3 100mm; and f4,5 28mm; wide angle sport finder, telephoto finder, angular finder, self timer and lens caps

serial range: -

Registered serial numbers:

40430---------seen on eBay.
41085---------David Tomlinson.
41202---------seen on eBay.
41290---------Philipp Reichmuth
41675---------seen on eBay.
42199---------Jim McGee
42472---------seen on eBay
43183---------PY-C collection.
43439--73----seen on ebay
443xx----------Alain Berry collection.
44101--32----seen on eBay.
44508--59----seen on ebay
44608--58----seen on ebay
45370--64----seen on eBay.
45407---------seen on eBay.
45419---------seen on eBay.
45455--93----Christian G. (Niko80)
45964---5-----Christian G. (Niko80)
46015---------seen on eBay.
46118---------seen on eBay.
46184---------seen on eBay.
46385---------seen on eBay.
46531---------seen on eBay.
46654---------Jacques collection.
46764---------seen on eBay.

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