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nightphoto's Soviet/Russian Photographic Equipment Collection

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Zenit 3M "TsKBK"

nightphoto's Description
Body Serial #:
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Wiki Catalog Entry
Zenit-3M / "TsKBK" Scientific Model

35mm Full Frame / Single Lens Reflex ..... lens: unmarked / three unmarked f-stops
Body serial # 65010755 ..... year : 1965
factory : KMZ / Krasnogorsk, USSR

Notes: Although this camera is appears to be a medical or scientific model, possibly a pre-cursor to the Zenit "Surprise MT" which was used for making endoscopic images, the side of the black lens mount has an engraving which reads "TsKBK"which probably refers to a Soviet Ministry as they often have this kind of abbreviation designation. I did find a reference to the "TsKBK" that seems to identify it as a Cinimatographic Bureau or Ministry, possibly in Leningrad and connected with the NIKFI (Scientific Research Cinema & Photo Institute).

The body of the camera is exactly the same as a normal Zenit 3M with the exception of the highly polished chrome surface of the top plate. This looks to have been done after the camera left the factory as can be seen by the polishing marks to the engraved logo and serial number. The top may have been polished for easier cleaning.

There is an engraved number on the bottom of the lens mount, "2496".

The lens has no markings at all, but looks to be of Soviet construction, possibly by GOI or LOMO. It has three "click" stops for the aperture, on the front ring of the lens, which probably attaches to some device. The lens seems to focus from 1 meter to infinity and may be of an 85mm or 100mm length.

Collection of Bill Parkinson

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