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nightphoto's Soviet/Russian Photographic Equipment Collection

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Akvakon Prototype

nightphoto's Description
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Wiki Catalog Entry
Underwater Camera Prototype
Full-frame 35 mm camera ..... Prototype #2
Made with the body of a LOMO LC-A ... serial # 88105606 ..... lens: Minitar - 32mm f 2.8
factory : LOMO / Leningrad, USSR ...... year : circa 1988

notes: This camera is one of several known prototypes of this first model of LOMO underwater - all weather camera. The name should probably be accurately translated to English as "Aquakon". The camera is based on a LOMO LC-A Kompact and the body of that camera is used in this prototype. The automatic exposure and focusing systems are the same as the LC-A.

This example has the number "2" stamped and written in pencil in several places on the interior.

The outer casing is made of injection-molded and milled aluminum, painted with bright red textured enamel paint, with a black-painted aluminum textured removable back. The inside of the back is hand-milled aluminum, painted black.

Features: Simple wide view Galilean viewfinder; Focusing by a winged knob on the front (left-handed) 0.8 meters - infinity (by guesswork); Exposure settings f. 2.8 - 16 and "A" (automatic) by winged knob on front (right-handed); Shutter speed set automatically (same system as LC-A only with small window on front, under rewind knob for CDS meter); Central shutter, 2 sec. - 1/500 sec.; Small light on the bottom left-handed side, probably to indicate low light level; Rewind knob also sets the film speed, viewable through a small windows on the back; Unusual reverse set film winding lever which also doubles as the shutter release when pushed inward (to wind film, pull out and back / to release shutter, push in towards body); Underwater depth guage on the back; Rubber seals all around the perimeter of the removable back and stainless steel latches on the sides; Three small batteries on the inside (not easily removable in this prototype) to power the automatic exposure system; Small turn screw on bottom to release sprocket column for rewinding.

Measurements: 5" wide x 3.75" tall x 2.25" deep. ..... Weight: 22.5 oz.

From Collection of Bill Parkinson
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