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nightphoto's Soviet/Russian Photographic Equipment Collection

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F 27 "Apparat Neozit"

nightphoto's Description
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The F-27 "Neozit" was made for KGB photographic surveillance purposes by KMZ at their special workshop starting around 1985. It is an evolved model of the F-21, but now almost completely electronic.

The camera has no viewfinder and is meant to be used with disguise devices: hidden in handbags, behind coat buttons, in movie cameras, etc. It has a wire cord ending in a remote with a bakelite button which can be set to automatic or single frame. The rechargeable batteries are located in this remote.

The film size is 24mm x 24mm on 27mm film. Two individual cassettes hold the film. Electric motor to wind the film and cock the shutter. Film speeds set inside the body on a beautiful bakelite plate! Electronic shutter 1/60 - 1/1000 second. TTL meter reading through a lens from the film plane (see photos). F 2.8 / 25mm three element multi-coated lens. Automatic exposure.

This example was made in 1985 and has automatic lens-shutter mechanism # 84001.

Collection of Bill Parkinson

The battery charger is a modified power supply (12 V with series resistor)
Detlev Vreisleben
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