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nightphoto's Soviet/Russian Photographic Equipment Collection

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F 27 Neozit Button Disguise

nightphoto's Description
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Wiki Catalog Entry
This surveillance disguise, used by KGB, is an accessory to the F-27 Neozit miniature camera. The camera fits into the disquise device plate-cover and operates a mechanical device which opens a window that is posing as the center of a coat button, complete with the threads to hold the button on. The camera and disguise is mounted on the body with a harness, under a coat that has the same buttons from the set... but one button is a camera on a slightly pot-bellied KGB agent!

This set came in its original box with a 1984 serial number on it and was an accessory of the Neozit camera from my collection, also shown.

Collection of Bill Parkinson
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