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nightphoto's Soviet/Russian Photographic Equipment Collection

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LOMO LC-A /10 years of Lomography + 90 years of Lomo

nightphoto's Description
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LOMO LC-A Commemorative Camera - 1997

This fancy faux-alligator covered commemorative from 1997, with supposedly only 936 examples made in total, was crafted by LOMO PLC of St. Petersburg to honor the "Centenary of Lomography in Russia" (10 years of Lomography + 90 years of Lomo PLC).

This camera has a decorative black and red enameled chrome emblem on the back, designed by Alexander Djikia - a famous Russian artist and one of the very first Lomographers.

This camera is Serial No. XK001942 (and so, maybe more than 936 made?).
collection of Bill Parkinson

Known Serial Numbers:

#XK001942 Bill Parkinson coll.
#XK003581 SovietCams
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