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nightphoto's Soviet/Russian Photographic Equipment Collection

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KIEV EF-2 Light Meter

nightphoto's Description
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The Kiev "EF-2" is a very nice, high quality, selenium exposure meter, made for Kiev rangefinder cameras. Made of brown Bakelite

This meter is heavy and solid and was made in August, 1955, according to the passport. The red button, when pushed, opens an internal curtain with three small holes in it, that is in front of the selenium cell, therefore letting in more light in dark situations.

This example is serial No. 002384 and is complete with original box, passport, manual, leather case, and cord. Meter still works good and is accurate.

collection Bill Parkinson

Serial Numbers Known:

#001185 Alex Store
#002384 Bill Parkinson

#004311 David Tomlinson
#006007 (black bakelite) made in nov. 1955 according to passport. Michel's Coll.
#006109 SovietCams

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