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nightphoto's Soviet/Russian Photographic Equipment Collection

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Moscow Exposure Meter

nightphoto's Description
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Wiki Catalog Entry
Fotoexposure meter Moscow or "Mockba" seems to be the same as the Leningrad-2 meter.

It is a selenium cell meter, made of Bakelite, plastic and metal, comes in a leather case with a detachable string cord and an milk-white plastic cover for the cell window for incident readings.

This example is in its original box, with passport and instuction manual. The passport has a date of 1965 and the meter is serial NO. 068017 (engraved on back of meter as well). Information about the factory can be seen on the passport and the back of the meter, with the factory logo and original price on the box cover. The manual has a graphic of the Soviet Space Monument on the cover and a photo of the Kremlin on the back cover. Manual is dated 1965 also.
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