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nightphoto's Soviet/Russian Photographic Equipment Collection

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Zorki Stereo Unit

nightphoto's Description
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Zorki Stereo Attachment Kit

Made to use with Zorki-1 or Zorki-C Body and collapsible Industar-20 or Industar-50 lenses
factory: KMZ / Krasnogorsk, USSR ..... Serial # 593309 (beamsplitter)
Production: several thouand units from 1956 - 1960
Kit Contains: prismatic beam-splitter attachment / vertical viewfinder attachment /
folding stereo viewer / stereo format double printing frame / Original box.

Notes: The stereoview photograph of hammers was taken with this unit, showing that the prisms in the beam-splitter need a slight adjustment or alignment, but a good stereo effect is achieved with the unit and maybe it would work on a FED too !

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