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nightphoto's Soviet/Russian Photographic Equipment Collection

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Russian Photographic Medallions

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These two silver over bronze medallions were issued in Moscow, Russia during the reign of Tsar Nicholas II.

The earliest medal shown is from the 'Russian Photographic Society in Moscow' and dates to the period of 1894 - 1908. On one side it shows an eagle perched on a view camera, with the rising sun behind it. The legs of a tripod can be seen extending through an artists palette along with the dark cloth that a photographer uses when viewing the image in the cameras ground glass. On the reverse the Moscow coat of arms and Tsar's crown is depicted. This medallion measures 50mm in diameter and weighs about 56 grams.

The medallion with the woman pictured is designed in the Art Nouveau taste and commemorates the '1908 Moscow International Photographic Exhibition' held by the 'Moscow Artistic Photographic Society'. The date of 1901 probably refers to the founding of this society. This medal is in poor condition, but rare in any condition, and measures 46mm, weighing about 36 grams.

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