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okynek's Soviet/Russian Photographic Equipment Collection

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Vega 22 UTz

okynek's Description
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Enlarging lens Vega 22 UTs 5.8/103mm used for enlarging. Coversup to 6x9 format. This lens has four built in filters . You use it wide open. The two controls regulate the amont of needed color (or no color) in order to give a correct color rendering in the paper. The right dial controls the amount of yellow or violet. The right dial the yellow and cyan. So you can obtain Red (violet+yellow); Yellow; Deep Yellow (Yellow + Yellow); Orange (Yellow+violet+yellow); Green and Dark Green (Yelow+Violet); Blue (Violet + Cyan). Cyan and Violet.
This lens was produced by Azov factory around 1970. and is an excellent solution to avoid costly color head enlargers.
Could also be used in portraiture for special effects.
Note: U stands for Uvilichitel'=Enlarging and Ts stands for Tsviet=color or Color Enlarging,
The two added drawings help you understand how it works.
Large pictures friendly offered by Marco Cavina

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