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okynek's Soviet/Russian Photographic Equipment Collection

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Kiev-10/15 lenses

okynek's Description
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Wiki Catalog Entry
Lenses for Kievs 10 and 15 have a special bayonet munt. There is no aperture control on the lens, but it is on camera. Inside lens mount is a lever, that pushes aperture pin according to camera settings, either manually set or by automatic exposure. The aperture control pin is marked with red circle in the pictures.
Serial produced lenses in this mount were:
Era 50mm/f1,5 less than 20 made, uncoated.
Mir-20 20mm/3,5 1981
Mir-1 37mm/f2,8 1975
Jupiter-9 85mm/f2 1975
APC-1 85mm/f2 less than 10 made
Jupiter-11 135mm/f4 1980
Jupiter 11 155mm/f4 1976 small production run of this experimental lens at Arsenal
Tair 11 133/f2,8 small production run
Granit 11 80-200
Normal lens was Helios-65 or -81 50mm/f2 or 53mm/f2 depending on model and year.
Also offered was an adapter to mount Zenit-M39 lenses, but ónly with preset or manual aperture control.
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