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okynek's Soviet/Russian Photographic Equipment Collection

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Ekran 3

okynek's Description
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Wiki Catalog Entry

Kazan Factory. Ekran 3 is a continuation and a further development of original Ekran cameras, being them really an accessory than a real new camera. All sharing the same mechanis of the previous Kama cameras. There were no Ekran 2, the 3 number is because the three lens system . This camera is really the same Ekran with the normal fixed focusing Triplet (Triar) 2.8 /12.5mm with a new removable front wth the turret and a colored mask for the finder.. The turret has three tubes: the first one is a single filter with no effect , The other is a 0.7 converter glass and the third a 1.5 converter glass. used togethre with the camera lens gives an equivalent of 8.4mm 12.5 mm and 18mm lens fields. Colored frames can be seen through the view finder matching the colored rings of the auxiliary lenses. A funny and Clever idea

I've added some pictures of my green Ekran 3 (napchop)

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