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okynek's Soviet/Russian Photographic Equipment Collection

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Smena 3

okynek's Description
Body Serial #:
Lens Serial #:

Wiki Catalog Entry
Identical to the model Smena-2, but with redesigned film advance mechanizm. Film speed reminder in DIN/GOST on film advance lever. Serial number engraved on closing bar of the case or lens faceplate. Beeing comfortable for user, but very unreliable this camera had very short life. Camera makers came back to well-tried Smena and Smena-2 models.

Produced: 1958-1960
Name: „Смена-3“
Producer: GOMZ
This interesting camera was the Photographic base of the Yanus hibrid camera Lens: Triplet-22 4.5/40
Shutter: 1/10, 1/25, 1/50, 1/100, 1/200 + B.

Serial number engraved in white on closing bar of the case or placed on the lens faceplate.
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