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okynek's Soviet/Russian Photographic Equipment Collection

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Moskva 1

okynek's Description
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The Moskva-1

was the first Ikonta type folder made by the KMZ factory. First batches of Moskva-1 were made with Zeiss parts and tools. This model was in production at the KMZ factory for only 3 years, from 1946 to 1949. The camera uses standard 120 film and produces eight 6x9 frames. It features scale focusing, a hinged back door and a double exposure prevention mechanism.

Moskva-1 is quite uncommon and hard to find now. Earlier Moskva-1's were covered with black leather, and later - with brown leatherette. The Moskva-1 displays old KMZ logo - a tombstone type. You can see it in the lens, shutter, and inside the back door (source:
Question from napchop: Although I have seen many brown Moskow 1's I have only ever seen one black one. Is the information above correct?

Produced: 1946-1949
Name: „Москва-1“
Producer: KMZ
Frame size: 6x9 cm.
Lens: Industar-23 4.5/110.
Shutter: 1s, 1/2s, 1/5s, 1/10s, 1/25s, 1/50s, 1/100s, 1/250s + B.

Quantity: 31.632 units. (

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