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okynek's Soviet/Russian Photographic Equipment Collection

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Moskva 4

okynek's Description
Body Serial #:
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Wiki Catalog Entry
The Moskva-4 is identical to Moskva-2, with a flash receptacle added. There was also a little drop in masking frame provided to convert the camera to 6x6 cm. This camera was produced from 1955 to 1958. The case for this camera is made of brown plastic or leather [2].

Produced: 1955-1958
Name: „Москва-4“
Producer: KMZ
Frame size: 6x9/6x6 cm.
Lens: Industar-23 4.5/110.
Shutter: 1s, 1/2s, 1/5s, 1/10s, 1/25s, 1/50s, 1/100s, 1/250s + B.

Quantity: 62.632 units. (
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