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imcphoto's Soviet/Russian Photographic Equipment Collection

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Kiev 10 Avtomat

imcphoto's Description
Body Serial #: 6801706
Lens Serial #: 670850

Wiki Catalog Entry

The Kiev-10 is the first autoexposure SLR made in the USSR. Its exposure circuit is powered from the large Selenium cell located in front of the prism housing. The camera is also known for its exotic fan-shaped metal blade focal plane shutter.
I've added a picture of the first model, with the name on the front and slightly different styling, The lens is Helios 65 2/50. Note this camera is said to be the first auto exposure SLR in the world.

The last picture shows the fairly rare Kiev-10 accessory shoe. This was available for the second version of the Kiev-10, but did not fit the first type. - David Tomlinson.

Produced: 1965-1975
Name: „Киев-10“
Producer: Arsenal (Kiev)
Frame size: 24x36.
Lens: Helios-81 2/50. First model had Helios 65 2/50
Shutter: 1/2s-1/1000s + B. (

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