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nightphoto's Soviet/Russian Photographic Equipment Collection

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Kiev Back Pinhole Camera

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Kiev Back Pinhole Camera

A fine contemporary pinhole camera made in a small series by Cezary Bartczak in Poland.

Beautifully crafted using a refurbished Kiev back so that 12 exposures can be made on a roll of 12o film (6 x 6 cm frame size). The body is black painted sycamore wood, permanently attached to the Kiev back and the 0.2 mm pinhole aperture is made with a precision mini drill.

The angle of view is stated to be 110 degrees, or the equivalent of a 16mm lens!
The aperture is equivalent of f. 150

The last photograph is the first that was made using a Kiev Back Pinhole Camera and was taken by the maker of the camera, Cezary Bartczak. He has a website with other work by him using pinhole cameras:

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