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nightphoto's Soviet/Russian Photographic Equipment Collection

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Karpov Uchenik - Series 1

nightphoto's Description
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Wiki Catalog Entry
by Karpov Workshop (probably) - Circa 1908

Early Russian-made 9 x 12 view camera, pre-Revolution / pre-Soviet, and dating to circa 1905 - 1910.

Probably made by the I.I. Karpov Workshops, although neither the camera or the lens have a makers name on them.
This exact camera is shown in the 1908 Catalog of the large photographic retailer, Josef Pokorni, of Moscow, Odessa, Kiev, and Rostov. The page of the catalog is shown below and this example is the camera on the top.

* Uses 9 x 12 cm (glass plates ?)

* Viewing and focusing by ground glass at rear.

*Shutter activated by squeezing a rubber bulb attached to a tube (both missing on this example) which expands a rubber bladder on the interior of the camera and trips a mechanism that trips the shutter.

* Revolving, built-into-the-lens aperture disk with three aperture sizes.

* Lens is stated to be an "APLANAT" type in catalog (unmarked on this lens). Removeable.

* Mahogany wood body, leather carrying strap, faux leather - cloth bellows.

* Shutter appears to have two settings "M" and "Z" but the adjustment is frozen on this camera.

This example is in original condition and with original parts and lens. The camera was bought from a dealer on Molotok and it surfaced in Kharkov, Ukraine.

"Uchenik" means "student" or "pupil" and this camera is small and simple to operate ... very good for the beginning photographer.

I.I. Karpov cameras are well-known, but actual examples are very rare and I have never seen actual photographs of this particular model. There is a page deicated to Karpov and his cameras on the Abramov website:

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