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Lenses & Optics > Other Lens > Zoom Arsat H 4.5/80-200mm
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Zoom Arsat H 4.5/80-200mm

Lens made by Arsenal in Ukraine capital Kiev.
It inherited from Granit 11.
Focal length: 80-200mm
Relative aperture: 1/4.5
Angle of view (degree): 30-12
Diaphragm is preset: from 4.5 to 22
Focusing, m: 1.5 to infinite
Filters mount: M58x0.75
Dimensions: 163mm X 67mm
Weight: 0.85kg
In center - 50-36-45
at the edges - 20
Made for Kier 19 with Bayonet mount.
Shown lens has s/n 08428, made in November 2001
But then in upper left corner of the "Quality control” page in the manuals you can see interesting artifact, stamp saying "Rechecked on 23-rd of November 2004" Manuals also said that warranty period for storage is 3 years. Probably Arsenal could not sell this lens for more then 3 years and has to open it and recheck to be able to keep lens on the shelf. Remember that serial number on the lens is only 8428, minuscule by previous standards. This show straggle of the company to compete on the World photo market after dismantles of Soviet Union.

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Created by okynek on 12/27/2009 3:45:33 PM   |   Last Edited by okynek on 12/27/2009 4:28:05 PM   Revision History  
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