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Lenses & Optics > Other Lens > ORCHIDEJA-3
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ORCHIDEJA-3 52mm f/1,5 THE NEW SOVIET PROJECT OF THE f/1,5 BERTELE’S SONNAR Originally made for Kiev cameras. The first Jupiter-3 50mm f/1,5 strictly derived from the similar Jena Sonnar for Contax rangefinder, but after some evolutions (mostly for better matching Russian glasses), on December 1959 GOI released a new and really advanced computation of the Sonnar-type called Orchideja-3, a real step forwards with air spacing of the front complex meniscus, as mentioned in the original Bertele's concept and never realized for glasses and computing limitations. We include original schematics and Jupiter 3 comparison as well as resolution charts by visualization and by film.,5/00_pag.htm with thanks to Mario Cavina
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Created by Luiz Paracampo on 11/25/2007 5:07:30 PM   |   Last Edited by Luiz Paracampo on 11/25/2007 5:44:02 PM   Revision History  
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