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History, Documents & Ephemera > Publications and and Books > Epoch of LOMO. Cameras and People by Aidas Pikiotas
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Epoch of LOMO. Cameras and People by Aidas Pikiotas

After many years of hard work and travelling all over former Soviet Union collecting materials regarding LOMO cameras, taking photographs and listening to stories from various camera designers, current and former LOMO employees, Aidas had dedicated this grand project to 100 year of LOMO factory anniversary.

This book is written in style of three sections per camera. Section 1 describes technical characteristics of camera made at LOMO factory, section 2 is a historical background for the camera and section 3 contains a background on the people behind it - camera creators and designers. It is a very solid body of work with slew of new information that was only marginally touched by other publications.

This book has been for now only published in Russian language.

Currently this book is NOT available for sale as the copyright was graciously granted to LOMO factory by Aidas, so the factory is only releasing a limited number of these.

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