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Photo Equipment & Accessories > Slide Projectors > Etude
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Etude dio-projector. Made by FED.
They were the list expensive projectors for standard size 5x5sm frames. And they were most common and affordable for home use. Best choice from only few models available for armatures in 70th and 80th.
Etude projectors were very simple. Totally mechanical with only ON/OFF switch. Frame can hold 2 slides. So you can see one slide while changing another. Casing was made from cast metal, and virtually indestructible. Condenser and lens made from real glass, and they can operate with 100 watts bulb on screens up to 3m in diagonal. Very important they were small in size and portable. So you can take them to show pictures to your friends and relatives. Quality of the pictures was OK at the best, and when you change slides you always have risk to burn fingers, but fun to show slides developed by hands was limitless!
Lens: Triplet 1:2.8, F=80mm
Condenser: 3 lenses with heat shield
Designed for 24x36mm and 18x24mm positives inserted in 50x50mm frames.
Can be also used for continues films using special film adapter (included with some sets).
Weight: 800gr
Magnification up to x75
Price in 1972 - 20 rubles.
Made by FED
Set included extra bulb, power cable, movable frame, lens cup, box and manuals.

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Created by okynek on 1/14/2008 9:24:43 PM   |   Last Edited by okynek on 2/1/2008 7:46:12 PM   Revision History  
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