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Still Cameras > Homemade Cameras > Zenit TTL - Olympic Sport "Revolver"
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Zenit TTL - Olympic Sport "Revolver"

Zenit-TTL / "Moscow Olympics 1980" Sports Model (non factory modification)
35mm Full Frame / Single Lens Reflex ..... lenses: MIR-1B - 37mm f.3.7 & JUPITER 37A - 135mm f.3.5 & HELIOS - 44M - 58mm f.2.0
Body serial # 79049665 ..... Lens serial # 87017834 ..... year : 1979 (modification 1980)
factory : KMZ / Krasnogorsk, USSR (and "at-home factory")

Notes: This camera is a home-built modification of an Olympic model Zenit TTL camera. A home-made metal device that allows two lenses to be mounted to it has been fabricated and mounted onto the Zenit TTL body. This device allows a quick changing of the two lenses by a simple spring mechanism that allows the photographer to pull the lens mounting device outward, away from the camera, and swivel the the mount so that when released, the second lens takes the place of the first. The heavy spring assures a light-tight fit against the body. This device is permanently mounted onto the camera body.

This camera is said to have been modified in this "quick change" way so that it can be used for shooting sports events, such as the Moscow Olympics in 1980, and may have been modified at that time and for that purpose, although it would be useful for many photographic situations.

The device is strong, well-made, and functions well, with the only drawback being an uncomfortable right-hand grip that takes some getting used to. In fact the best way to hold the camera seems to be to hold the lens not in use with your right hand!

This camera came with three lenses and a complete set of filters, in its own leather camera bag, as shown. I have seen other home-made versions of this device, some with three lens mounts on them. This may have been either a "factory contest" design project, or possibly something that was written up in Sovetskoe-Foto magazine as a do it yourself project.

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Created by nightphoto on 9/10/2007 12:22:39 AM   |   Last Edited by nightphoto on 7/8/2015 5:49:57 PM   Revision History  
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