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Member Articles & Blogs > Blogs > Scan camera principle
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Scan camera principle

Scan camera system.

List of KGB rollover cameras:

According to Detlev Vriesleben
Alycha 1950-60
Alycha-2 1955-1965
Alycha-M 1960
Nichrom-63 1963
F-67 1967 (GRU)
F-68 1968 (GRU)
Zalom 1970
Granitnick 1970
Zadatock 1985
Koritca 1965
Zima 1975
Zagar 1985

Around the end of the 1950 years there were developed one of the most interesting cameras. The Alycha document copying camera through the scan method.. The rollover technique was unknown to the west so various documents were copied during the “Cold War” without the knowledge of people. This was a landmark on camera creation due to the Soviet photo-camera designers.
Here we place the working system of those camera types:
The image from the “TEXT” reflects to the mirror “M”, turns around the 90° total reflecting prism “P1”, passes through the objective “O”, the Dove prism “P2”, which is placed at a 45° relative to the optical axis in order to correct the image position projected to the slot “SL” where the film passes through. This fantastic slot acts also as shutter once tit width is of only 1/40- 1/45 of mm! “FS” are the film spools. “FC” is the film chamber. A special cutter comes with the device cutting a standard 35mm film in three strips of 8mm each in the whole 1.6m length.
Two switches act as protection against waste of batteries, “S1” turns “on” when the “booklet” is opened, the other”S2” lights the lamp when it detects the rolling movement of the wheel “T”. A main wheel drive actuates an endless screw “ES” that drives the film through the pivot “RT” a mechanical device with “zero” tolerances in a reduction ratio equal to the optical reduction (in the Alycha -1 : 12,8-)
The special lamp ”L” is designed to cover all the lens encompassed field in order to give no shadows without the need of any reflector, that way t has only 3mm of diameter and 100 mm long in an all size glowing arrangement.
The “booklet” cover is built only to maintain exact distances of the whole system.
The device uses special DEAC rechargeable batteries.

Алыча, Алыча-2 (Alycha)
Foldable small format copying fotocamera "прокатки" (scan)
Helos-57, 1:3,5 / 9 мм
Document field
Field 100 mm (document A4 in 3 scans)
Reduction ratio
1 : 12,8
50 lines/mm
Flm type
Standard 45 - 60 ГОСТ, index specially prepaired
Negative width
8 mm
Curtain slot
Special, w/ 1,6 m, copy 25 - 30 document stripes
Special lamp type "Столбик" Stolbik
1,2 Volt, 3 batteries type DEAC-100-150
120 x 80 x 16 mm (booknotes format)
150 gr.

PS Keith Melton shows in his book "Spycraft" an American rollover camera.

(Click to enlarge)

Created by Luiz Paracampo on 7/19/2009 2:07:55 PM   |   Last Edited by Detlev on 5/15/2011 2:35:14 PM   Revision History  
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