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Photo Equipment & Accessories > Flash Units > Apparatus "Electron" and the electronic flash "Ogonyok"
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Apparatus "Electron" and the electronic flash "Ogonyok"

Pictured in the photograph device to photograph - "Electron" - consists of a device TLR"Lubitel-2" and the electronic flash "Ogonyok". A distinctive feature of the device is that camera, electronic flash, and power to it are mounted in a single unit.
If you open the rear of the unit, you can see three sections. In the upper left section are arranged electrolytic capacitor and an electric circuit device. In the upper right section - Camera "Lubitel-2" and at the bottom - the power of the flash.
To charge the device film, remove part of the rear wall. Apparatus "Lubitel-2" is taken out and charged as usual. When you install the unit in place it special and connected to the electrical circuit of the instrument. Thus flash synchronizes with the shutter.

To determine the distance to the subject in the instrument used rangefinder "Smena", which is mounted on top of the unit, "Lubitel-2"
During the photo shoot can be used as a mirror viewfinder apparatus "Lubitel-2" and the framework mounted on top the unit. There are table aperture, depending on the sensitivity of the film, and the distance from the instrument to the object being photographed and the button to turn on the flash only, without shutter. Schematic diagram of the device is similar to the scheme flash "Molniya" (EV-1), but in our scheme to use more powerful condenser capacity of 1300 microfarads.Device size 170 X 220 X 80 mm. Weight battery of about 2 kg.

... The idea to put in a single package (all in one) camera and photo flash was implemented on plant GOMZ in the late 1950s. Especially for this purpose has been developed reusable flash "Ogonyok". Apparently, for this reason, coupled with the camera and was named "Ogonyok", although the version with the camera, "Lubitel-2" is named "Electron", and the camera option "Smena 2" (or "Smena 4") - "Electron -2 ".

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Created by fototoka on 6/27/2015 3:02:40 AM   |   Last Edited by fototoka on 6/27/2015 3:17:45 AM   Revision History  
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