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Lenses & Optics > Orion > Orion-15 28/6
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Orion-15 28/6

The Russian Orion-15 is a high quality wide angle lens for the Leica type rangefinder cameras.

It was produced in small quantities and is very uncommon now. The lens is very compact and its design does not require a lens shade. It is quite slow, but coated and produces sharp and contrasty images.

Focal length:28 mm
Aperture: 1:6 (settings from 6 to 22) Note: at max. aperture (1:6) the aperture is partially closed - this is Orion's design feature and it is normal.
Field of coverage: 75°
Focusing: 1 m - infinity
Filter size: M49x0.5 mm
Mount: M39x1 mm (LTM). The lens mounts and RF couples with any Leica or Leica copy (FED, Zorki, etc)

The glass is coated, the barrel has a polished aluminum/chrome finish
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Created by Vlad on 9/19/2007 10:09:32 PM   |   Last Edited by Vlad on 9/19/2007 10:11:07 PM   Revision History  
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