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 just arrived in my collection

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
mermoz37 Posted - Jan 05 2010 : 11:09:03 AM
note :
a "no-name" factory design Lubitel (black front paint whith original rivets) may be to be silk screen rebadged in export or just for International exibition ? (never used)
and an original Kristall whithout usual hammered grey enamel.Seem to be factory made like this : soft matt aluminium (whithout any scratches or cracks)...I can confirm never painted.
serial number : 61018045


50   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
schyter Posted - Jan 02 2020 : 3:00:38 PM
from Copenaghen (FotoC shop) Kiev II (1956)



Only dead fish follow the stream ...
cedricfan Posted - Dec 19 2019 : 11:05:10 AM
Of course you can

Best regards,
Jacques M. Posted - Dec 19 2019 : 10:16:05 AM
Originally posted by cedricfan

Sure, body # 484258 and lens # 629111 which is a bit older I suppose?

Yes. By the tables, your lens was delivered in 1946, and I have checked for the body: 1949.
Thanks for the photo. Can I use it on this site: http://www.summilux.net/index.php for a discussion?

Amitiés. Jacques.
Vlad Posted - Dec 19 2019 : 08:27:41 AM
Ulrich, I am mistaken then, was too long ago, the Zenit Junior must've been with someone else then, maybe even Juhani, but with someone here ..

It is a very nice mint Leica!


cedricfan Posted - Dec 19 2019 : 08:03:29 AM
Sure, body # 484258 and lens # 629111 which is a bit older I suppose?
The camera is most likely sold originally in Stockholm Sweden by the ancient sticker in the baseplate inner surface, a well known shop for high-end German cameras. In the post-war Finland it was typical to go over to Sweden for "luxury items", as import here was still restricted.
This picture also shows the vulcanite clearly:


Best regards,
Jacques M. Posted - Dec 19 2019 : 05:38:15 AM
Hi Juhani,

Nice IIIc!
The pattern of its "sharkskin" vulcanite is vertical, like on my IIIa "Monté en Sarre" which is contemporaneous (1949). On the other IIIc "sharkskin" I know, the pattern is horizontal.
Could you give me the s/n of your camera, for my tables, and to discuss with French specialists?

Thanks! Jacques.
PS: sorry to be OT, Vlad...
cedricfan Posted - Dec 18 2019 : 10:40:11 PM
Originally posted by uwittehh

Juhani, nice Leica. I think you feel that an original Leica is smoother than the FEDs and Zorkis :-)




Yes. Clearly smoother than FED/Zorki, but same level as the incredible TSVVS

Best regards,
uwittehh Posted - Dec 18 2019 : 3:33:20 PM
Vlad, no, my lens has number 0042107 :-)


Vlad Posted - Dec 18 2019 : 3:26:54 PM


Is this the one? LOL

uwittehh Posted - Dec 18 2019 : 3:23:24 PM
Vlad, according to my camera list I have only one Zenit Junior and I have not sold it. But where is it... ;-)


Vlad Posted - Dec 18 2019 : 3:06:40 PM
Ulrich I remember I bought my own Zenit Junior back from you after many years accidentally
uwittehh Posted - Dec 18 2019 : 3:05:01 PM
Jacques and all others, another shiny camera :)

Some months ago a very early Contax II arrived here, serial Z 50474. As I know the numbering starts with Z 50000, so it seems to be the 474th Contax II! It comes together with a Jena Contax box, original Jena Contax manual and early postwar Sonnar 4/135. A strange combination but I am happy about the box and the manual, only a few manuals are known to exist.

It seems that the camera was not much used:


uwittehh Posted - Dec 18 2019 : 2:57:42 PM
Juhani, nice Leica. I think you feel that an original Leica is smoother than the FEDs and Zorkis :-)


uwittehh Posted - Dec 18 2019 : 2:56:22 PM
Vlad, yes, that happened to me too. Recently I bought a KIIV IIIa on ebay and wondered when I looked at my camera list that I've sold it in 2006. Now I got it back for less money :D


uwittehh Posted - Dec 18 2019 : 2:54:33 PM
Jacques, nice early FED. Congratulations! There is no secret about preparing them for the photos, just don't use flash or light from the front :-)


Vlad Posted - Dec 18 2019 : 2:43:43 PM
Hi Juhani! Glad you got the package safe and sound! , it is very funny that you got your camera back considering the fact that I bought it from you originally! LOL! I have gotten a duplicate since then so this one went back into trading pile. I believe the same thing happened with me and Ulrich at some point in the past where I got my own camera back. Very funny! The Soviet Collector's cycle!

Enjoy and congratulations!

Best regards,
cedricfan Posted - Dec 18 2019 : 10:55:18 AM


Bought my 1st RF-Leica, nice Xmas-gift

And got a football shaped parcel from USA:


This one returned home, by the serial it was mine some years ago


Never had this Latin version

Best regards,

Jacques M. Posted - Dec 16 2019 : 09:27:59 AM
And another one:



Jacques M. Posted - Dec 16 2019 : 09:25:20 AM

Shining new, Ulrich! But you have a special secret to prepare your cameras for photo!
There is a "new" Fed 1b here, s/n 11823. Not far from your 11959, Jed! It will be perfect between my 10020 (window with a hollow on the upper part) and my 12840 (no hole on back; brown vulcanite).
A photo:


uwittehh Posted - Dec 01 2019 : 3:50:51 PM
Look at this, a FED 1e Berdsk like new. The chrome looks really bright.


uwittehh Posted - Nov 15 2019 : 2:11:02 PM
Two new cameras:

A very early Zorki C (5500571) with the short release button:

And a Zorki 6 with nice latin name:


schyter Posted - Nov 09 2019 : 3:31:27 PM
a simple Praktina IIA ...


Only dead fish follow the stream ...
Fred_L Posted - Nov 09 2019 : 12:12:51 PM
Hi Alexander

I cannot take picture at the moment,
On bottom, there is only the tripod nut.
There is not button as we can see on wiki

I'll take a pic later

Best regards

AlexanderK Posted - Nov 03 2019 : 12:07:04 PM
Hi Fred,
could you please post a photo from bottom? Thank you.

Regards, Alexander
Fred_L Posted - Nov 03 2019 : 11:38:53 AM
Hi all!!

Seems to be an early one


http://www.ussrphoto.com/UserContent2/3112019_Foton_1 LD.jpg

http://www.ussrphoto.com/UserContent2/3112019_Foton_2 LD.jpg

http://www.ussrphoto.com/UserContent2/3112019_Foton_3 LD.jpg

http://www.ussrphoto.com/UserContent2/3112019_Foton_4 LD.jpg

xya Posted - Nov 02 2019 : 11:57:11 AM
Originally posted by Jacques M.

And thanks for your detailed explanations on your site.
Hope you will post photos made with that camera.

Amitiés. Jacques.

as soon as the film slitter arrives, I will try it and show some photos. amitiés. reinhard

www.a7camera.com www.120folder.com www.instantphoto.eu www.135compact.com www.oddcameras.com
Vlad Posted - Nov 02 2019 : 10:53:39 AM
Hi Jacques, can you please open a thread regarding your Kiev that had no-name plate, can you please post a photo of a the noname plate that you have left over, especially I am interested in the bottom portion of it that has a cut out for the tripod socket. Thank you!

Xya, Marcolin, nice Zorki 3M and F21!! Congratulations!

Best regards,
Jacques M. Posted - Nov 02 2019 : 10:13:42 AM

And thanks for your detailed explanations on your site.
Hope you will post photos made with that camera.

Amitiés. Jacques.
xya Posted - Nov 02 2019 : 09:46:50 AM
just arrived, an Ajax F21.


if you want to read more about this camera http://www.135compact.com/ajax_f21.htm

I'm waiting for a slitter to cut 21mm film...

www.a7camera.com www.120folder.com www.instantphoto.eu
marcolin Posted - Oct 07 2019 : 11:47:02 AM
Ok, i feel that my "new" old Zorki 3M should be officially introduced in this thread.



Jacques M. Posted - Oct 03 2019 : 09:19:34 AM

Last for the FSU cameras, a curious Kiev 1950. It was equipped with a "no name" front plate when I bought it. Happily, I had a correct 1950 Kiev front to give it back to its identity.


This Kiev 1950 was mounted mainly with Dresden parts: finder, shutter box, etc. No inscription behind the shutter box:


If you are interested, I can open a special thread about this camera.

Amitiés. Jacques.

Jacques M. Posted - Oct 03 2019 : 09:02:50 AM
And an early Fed 1b, here too:


The special metallurgy of the finder was made for c. 2500 cameras (just after the "Leica II like" one, and before the common Fed type):


Jacques M. Posted - Oct 03 2019 : 08:55:00 AM

A 48 Kiev II, well visible with its Jena black patch under the selftimer.


But it contains too Dresden parts, for example the speed box.


cedricfan Posted - Jun 23 2019 : 02:15:22 AM
Congrats, APK is a very fine camera!

Best regards,
schyter Posted - Jun 20 2019 : 4:02:58 PM
Zenit APK


Only dead fish follow the stream ...
schyter Posted - Jun 02 2019 : 2:13:07 PM
Mir by KMZ 1960


Only dead fish follow the stream ...
jed Posted - May 18 2019 : 05:22:26 AM

Just got this ;)
The rear viewfinder glass is a special one.



AlexanderK Posted - May 18 2019 : 01:28:57 AM
This model was made for medical purposes. There were two differen models, both came without lens.

Regards, Alexander
treehorn Posted - May 17 2019 : 2:22:53 PM
I found a Kiev IVa without rangefinder, selftimer and Flash-Sync. It came without lens, but the mount shows significant signs of use, especially at the outer bayonet.
The serial number is 6001343, that fits quite well to these here: http://www.novacon.com.br/asquini1/kiev2.htm




Fred_L Posted - Apr 28 2019 : 12:58:08 PM
Hi all!!

Just arrived here!! It is my first one!!
Seems to be the second verion with viewfinder..


http://www.ussrphoto.com/UserContent2/2842019_Totchka-01 LD.jpg

http://www.ussrphoto.com/UserContent2/2842019_Totchka-02 LD.jpg

http://www.ussrphoto.com/UserContent2/2842019_Totchka-03 LD.jpg

http://www.ussrphoto.com/UserContent2/2842019_Totchka-04 LD.jpg

http://www.ussrphoto.com/UserContent2/2842019_Totchka-05 LD.jpg

levonsa Posted - Mar 26 2019 : 6:31:06 PM
Ulrich thank you!
uwittehh Posted - Mar 26 2019 : 5:53:11 PM
New in my collection, the Jena Contax from 1950 (serial number 27858). Together with it's sister a 1951 KIEV II. The Contax comes with a rare Carl Zeiss Jena marked Torpedo finder and a Sonnar 4/135 from July 1949.


uwittehh Posted - Mar 26 2019 : 5:25:56 PM

I own 3 Jena Contax now, and two of them looked as they were used over the years.


uwittehh Posted - Mar 26 2019 : 5:24:40 PM

this is a really rare Jena Contax! Congratulations to that find.


Jacques M. Posted - Mar 26 2019 : 4:18:49 PM

Of course, Alexey. Thanks!
As new, like many other Jena Contaxes...
levonsa Posted - Mar 26 2019 : 12:36:44 PM
Jacques hi
If you would be interested to see additional photos?!









Jacques M. Posted - Mar 26 2019 : 10:28:18 AM
A beautiful and rare version of the Jena Contax!
The beige one is much more popular (and numerous) with probably aroud 20 samples made.
I have 10 Jena Contaxes "half black" in my data, like this one, and one or two all black, including the Sonnar...

To go back to this s/n 28081 (thanks, Alexey!), another interesting thing is the Sonnar already engraved 50mm. An late series for this f2 Jena Sonnar, delivered in january 1951 and which should always be engraved in cm by the Thiele! The date is interesting: it could give a good idea for the mounting of this camera.

Amitiés. Jacques.
treehorn Posted - Mar 26 2019 : 08:08:41 AM
Originally posted by levonsa

I came across an interesting camera in my opinion ....

A black Jena-Contax - all alarm bells are ringing. My first thought was that it has to be a fake, especially considering the good shape of the camera. But at a closer look many things seems to fit:
- black cover of self-timer
- groove in focus wheel
- frame counter looks more Zeiss than Arsenal style
- accessory shoe has Jena style

According to Bernd K. Otto ("Von der Carl Zeiss Jena-Contax zur Kiev", PhotoDeal 34, 2001) there have been some samples of the Jena Contax in creme and black. They were presented at the 1950 fair in Leipzig with serial numbers 27801-28100. That would fit too.

treehorn Posted - Mar 26 2019 : 05:00:34 AM
Originally posted by AlexanderK

Thank you, treehorn.
This explanation seems more plausible to me than “tropical” or “topographic”. Otherwise serial number of the camera has 'T' as well and on the lens with russian inscription I would expect 'П' (просветленный), but not 'T'.

Sorry Alexander, that was a misunderstanding. To make it clear: the "T" on the Kiev (lens and body) has nothing in common with the "T" on the Zeiss lenses. The equivalent to the Zeiss "T" is the "П" you've mentioned.
SteveA Posted - Mar 26 2019 : 04:02:16 AM
Looks like a Jena Contax? Serial number appears like a late model, bears all the traits of one looking at images in Minoru Sasakis 'Contax to Kiev'. Black painted surround is interesting, any sign of chrome plating on the back of the surround? Looks like and early 1950's lens serial number though...

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