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okynek's Soviet/Russian Photographic Equipment Collection

There are 137 items in this collection

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Delta 1

Diramic R-2

Kalimar SR100

Kalimar SR200

Kalimar SR300

Zenit SLX

Zenit 3M


Zenit ET - Bronze color

Zenit ET Black color

Zenit ET - Bronze color

Zenit ET

Zenit E


Kiev 10 Automat, first-unpainted

Kiev 19

Kiev Vega 2

Kiev Vega

Kiev 35A

Kiev 30M

Kiev 303

Kiev 30

Salyut C / S

Kiev 60 TTL

Kiev 17

Kiev 15TTL

Kiev 15 Tee

Kiev 10 Avtomat


Fed 3L

FED 5 Perstroika and Hockey Cup

Fed Micron 2

Fed 2a

Fed 2c

FED 5 Perstroika and Hockey Cup

Fed Mikron Preseries


Vesna Gold logo

Smena SL

Smena Simvol

Smena 3

Smena 35

Smena 4

Smena 6

Smena 7

Smena 8

Smena 8M

Smena Rapid


Lubitel 6x9

Other Cameras

Zenit Junior

Iskra 1 export model

Lomo-135 BC Olympic

Start Photosniper

unknown camera, no lens

FT 2


C-112 (S-112)

Skolnik (second variant)

Start - Early Version


Movie Cameras

Neva 1

Kiev 16- U

Quarz Zoom

Quarz M

Quarz 2xDS8-3

Quarz 2x8S-1M


Ekran 3

Sport 3

LOMO 219


Avrora Super 2X8

Avrora 219


Sport 4


Zorki 5 Type 1

Zorki 10

Zorki 11

Zorki 2S

Zorki 3

Zorki 3S

Zorki 4K

Zorki S

Zorki 4

Mir (second production version)

Zenit Junior

Zorki S


Moskva 4

Moskva 4 Transitional

Moskva 5

Moskva 2

Moskva 1

Industar Lenses

Industar-61 55/2.8 Black/Chrome (Zebra)

Industar-50 50/3.5 Rigid Black

Industar-50 50/3.5 Elmar Type Chrome

Industar-22, 50/3.5 Elmar Type

Industar-22 50/3.5 Rigid

Industar 50 Lytkarino

Industar 24M

Industar-50 50/3.5 Rigid Chrome

Other Lenses

Orion 1a


Telear N 3.5/200

Granit 11 4.5/80-200 zoom lens

Tair 33

Tair 11A

Mir 10A

Mir 1 home made


28-135mm Universal Finder

85mm Finder

elga WS-2


FED 100 mm f:6.3

Film Developing tank for Kiev-Vega 16mm film


Helios 40-2

Home made MTO-500 for Start SLR

Industar-61L/D 55/2.8 Black

Iskra 2 Export

Jupiter 9 Automat for Kiev 10 and 15

Jupiter-11 135/4 Chrome

Jupiter-21 M

Jupiter-8 50/2 Black

Jupiter-8 50/2 Chrome

Jupiter-9 85/2 Chrome

Kalimar TLR 100

Kalimar TLR 100

Kiev 88

Kiev-10/15 lenses

Komsomolets TLR


Lubitel 166 Universal

Lubitel 166B

Lubitel 2

MC Jupiter-37 AM

Mir (second production version)

Selftimer ZIM "Autospusk model 2"

Smena 1 Type 2

Smena 2

Vega 22 UTz
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